The Complete Vocal Programme – 3 CD Set – Low Voice


The Complete Vocal Programme – In Low Voice – Digital Download



Low Voice G3 – E5 Suitable for Altos and Basses

Daily Essentials: Warm Ups and Cool downs

A gentle and efficient warm up, when warming up the voice is most susceptible to damage and stress, these exercises aim at hitting the 4 essential parts of a warm up, Respiration, Phonation, Articulation, and Resonance, to prepare the voice for the singing task ahead. The cool down is a gentle stretch to help return the larynx to its resting position. When we sing through the range our larynx rises and falls, sometimes it doesn’t always return to its resting position which can result in a sore tight throat, the cool down is essential in soothing and bringing your voice back to its natural position. The accompanying booklet and explains how to get the most out of your warm up as well as an ideal singing routine.

Technical Top Ups – Level One

In order to get the most out of our voice we need to isolate essential techniques and improve them individually, during singing we are expected of so much, so many different thought processes required from breathing to cord closure to pitching to dynamics even down to just remembering the lyrics, it’s been proven time and time again in my learning and my teaching that when each technique is isolated that the singer will comprehend, successfully develop and implement the chosen technique much faster than if they were to rush ahead and try and practice all the given exercises all at once, The technical top ups are designed to concentrate on problem areas in the voice safely and precisely, breaking each technique down making it easier to achieve.

Vocal SOS: TLC For Tired Voices

The worst thing in the world for a singer is a tired and tight voice. Whether it be from over singing, a cold or even vocal damage – the singers voice needs gentle and soothing exercises to help restore it to its happy self. This Cd focuses on some of my favourite exercises to help realign the stressed voice, helping it to relax and get moving in a more healthy way. The range is much more limited on this disc in order to help prevent any further straining.

Each of the Three Vocal Cd’s from my Vocal Programme come in three voice types; High Voice,  Mid Voice and Low Voice. If you are unsure of which voice type you may need feel free to contact me to discuss suitability.

If you need advice on which CD is best suitable for you please get in touch before purchase

Note For Male Singers: The vocal example is recorded with a female voice, Follow the track by singing the octave below.

These downloads include vocal example and piano track, for explanation of exercises read accompanying booklet for how to get the most out of these tracks.

Each Cd is available as a physical copy or digital download

Please Note: Each Part of The Vocal Programme will download as a ZIP file, you will need a PC/Mac to unzip these files

Please Contact me before purchase if you would prefer a physical copy.


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