So as some of you may be aware I am currently developing my very own vocal programme cd’s.
Back in March I began my project, after years of searching for adequate vocal technical exercise cd’s that suited my ability and range I was honestly frustrated with what I had found. Most of the tracks were unsuitable for my vocal range and beginners disc were most certainly not for those just starting out.

The voice is a very delicate thing, it requires suitable training gauged and planned for the current ability of the singer, there are so many factors to be considered;

  • The singers current vocal knowledge and ability
  • The age of the singer
  • The vocal style
  • The singers range and tessitura
  • The singers voice weighting
  • The singers vocal health

The list can go on and on. The truth is singers learning from a CD or DVD alone can be pretty dangerous, which is why I have designed each disc to match not only the singers ability but also their range, I have been seriously concerned to find in my lessons students who have been singing along to cd’s they had bought online which have actually been hindering their vocal development due to the nature of the exercises and the fact these CD’s are promoted as being able to build your voice in so many weeks or are specifically for beginners to turn them into pros! Its just not possible in cd form, sure in the beginning you will notice an improvement but that is usually purely down to the sudden increase in practice!

So back to my programme – It originally started out as just one disc, a simple and easy to follow Warm Up Disc that you can pop on just before you start your lesson/rehearsal/gig etc. I began thinking about what would be the best way to go about this warm up CD – which of my warm ups I use in my lessons would be best suited to be condensed down into a 10-15 minute CD to give the most well rounded warm up for my singers. My main aim was to focus on warm ups that stretched the voice in the safest but most efficient way.

But as my mind started to concentrate more on what my individual students might need, I began to realise just a Warm Up CD wouldn’t be enough. As I started to spread the word that I was considering making my specialised Vocal Warm Ups I realised just how much my students were crying out for a little recorded prompt for their practice in between lessons. So my for all my lovely students – my “Warm Up and Cool Downs”, “Technical Top ups Level One”, “TLC for Tired Voices” and “Warm Ups and Workouts for Children” will be available in my online store shortly!

I’ll admit when I first began to design and compile all my warm ups and exercises I underestimated the logistics in exactly how long it would take to get these babies out there! So for those of you who keep asking, I am hoping to have the Warm Ups and Cool Downs discs available within the next few months and hopefully have all four available ASAP!

Very excited about this project 🙂

Stay tuned for updates!

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