The Vocal Health Pages

The Vocal Health Pages are a collection of my best tips and tricks for helping singers to keep on top of their vocal health. For people who want to get more from their voice or for those who have any underlying vocal concerns you will find links to articles about the most common issues that I come across day to day in my teaching. Please remember that a “self help” approach to singing is not a practical way forward for singers wanting to improve their technique or vocal health, so if you have any serious concerns about your vocal health or technique don’t hesitate to get in touch for further advice! Dont Forget to subscribe to my mailing list by clicking here to receive singing tips and tricks, news and updates!


The Vocal Fix Series

The following posts are written with an aim to guide my students and singers in their exploration of technique, I always wish to make clear that any online article or video instructing vocal training will never give you the instruction you may personally need, each singer is different, their genetics, accent, speaking habits and lifestyle play a great role in voice production and it’s because of this I always recommend studying (one to one and in person) with a vocal teacher who has the experience and knowledge in technique and vocal health to help you find your voice. There really is no replacement for a teacher who can see you face to face and who can tailor their lessons to your specific needs. You may not be aware, following general advice which may be untested – may only be detrimental to your voice and you may never unlock your true potential by reading online and watching videos alone. That being said – that’s not going to stop you from looking things like this up! So please read the following posts carefully and if any questions, concerns or issues come up get in contact with me here. I will update this section regularly please check back for future posts!

Remember singing should never hurt, listen to your body and don’t ignore the warning signs!

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