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Based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Sally is a private vocal tutor specialising in voice improvement and vocal safety. Working with predominately contemporary vocalists Sally works with singers to help them find their true voice, what ever their goals – whether they want to improve their range, pitch, tone, projection or achieve so much more. Sally offers one to one vocal tuition, and has developed group workshops “The Ultimate Singers Masterclass” where singers can take part in intensive day courses or an eight week course in technique or confidence building. 


Sally has studied vocal technique for over 16 years with a great interest in helping singers achieve their goals, voice protection and aid in the recovery of damaged voices and supporting of singers (under the guidance of vocal medical professionals) during and after they have completed speech therapy. Through working in many vocal environments and with a multitude of various genre singers, Sally has experience in recognising and flagging up vocal problems and helping singers to recover their voices after damage. Over the past 10 years Sally has worked with bands, performance artists and young singers in preparation for gigging, recording and touring.


In addition to her teaching Sally has been writing and singing as a lead vocalist for over 15 years in many genres ranging from Classical music to Heavy Metal and everything in between! After starting private tuition at a young age, Sally had began gigging and performing by the age of 14, before studying at South Downs College gaining both a Btec and HND in Music Practice. In 2011 she graduated from The University of Chichester with a BA (Hons) in Music with Instrumental and Vocal Teaching. Along side her private tuition, Sally has worked in many musical settings including with youth groups, charities, colleges, university’s and is the vocal health and singing technique tutor at The Urban Vocal Group where she has developed the “Sing Safe” Syllabus designed to help keep young singers voices healthy. It was here and in her private teaching where she discovered a great need for the attention to vocal health and safety in contemporary singing. Sally found that new developments in vocal style gave so many more pressures and a higher expectation for the voice which ultimately results in a higher risk of vocal problems for singers and works to bring awareness of how that with the right technique anyone can develop the voice they want and build the strength to keep it for a career and not just one set! It was the need to understand more about the voice which led her to undertake further professional development courses including the Estill: Level One & Level Two (Level 1 Figures for Voice Control & Level 2 Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities) Estill: Belting, Estill Advanced Belting, Estill: Tongue Taming, Estill: Breathing, Support and Estill. The Accent Method, Vocal Injuries and Singers, The Rehabilitation of the Injured Singing Voice and Countless conferences and courses held by the British Voice Association and Association for teachers of singing.


Sally’s main aim is to help provide her students with the skills to enhance their careers and essentially to encourage independent learning and development as they progress in their profession. Her lessons are based around giving her students the opportunities and best chance to make it in the music industry and looks to help all of her students get out there performing and/or working in music the local area as soon as they are ready!


Sally is Enhanced DBS Checked and is also a member of The Musicians Union, The British Voice Association and The Association of Teachers of Singing


If you live in the Portsmouth / Hampshire Area and think you would benefit from private vocal tuition, No matter what genre you sing in, or your ability please get in touch!


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** NEWS **

After years of research, training, and teaching Sally has recently developed The Contemporary Voice Method taking tradition and modern research and teachings and moulding them to create a safe and healthy vocal method for contemporary vocalists, especially for those who want to strengthen, build and develop a stronger more powerful voice. All of Sally’s students are learning under this method, Sally is currently training prospective teachers in her method to teach under The Contemporary Voice brand


I have just launched my Singers Forum – Click here to read more about learning to sing, discuss general singing topics with other singers and students and keep up to date on my upcoming events and masterclasses!

About Sally's Lessons

Why Sally?

A few years back, I was in a position that many young singers find themselves in. I was gigging regularly in a rock band that I was constantly having to sing louder and louder to be heard above, having singing lessons, studying music and vocals at college, add to that I had started teaching, all in all I was just generally singing too much and not taking care of my voice. I started to get a lot of pain when I would sing, my voice was getting tired too easily, I would begin to get croaky after singing, then during singing and eventually I started to lose my voice all together. I noticed a few of my singer friends suffered from the same issues, something that wasn’t ever flagged up as an issue at the time by our lectures, which spurred me on to do something about it. I had been having singing lessons for years but it was only then I started to realise how important vocal safety was to singers and their careers as vocalists.


I began researching into vocal safety, vocal techniques to help build and develop voices, anything to help me get my voice back on track. I decided it was time to get serious about my technique and studied with an Opera Teacher (even though it wasn’t my chosen style – I believed that techniques that enabled singers to sing above orchestra’s and out into large audiences without damaging voices were a good place to start!) I improved my technique whilst keeping my contemporary voice and picked up a great interest in vocal safety, quite a lot of essential vocal knowledge and so many handy tips and tricks.


Since then my interest in learning about vocal health and the vocal mechanism has grown, I wanted to be able to give more as a singing teacher, to always be able to offer solutions and advice to any vocal issue that may arise in my students, I continued studying, attending regular vocal health conferences run by The British Voice Association and The Association of Teachers of Singing which led me to begin experimenting and developing in various different vocal methods including (amongst others) the accent method, and the ground breaking Estill method which completely changed my approach to voice and training, so much so I began heading to London to the Royal Academy and South Kensington every month or so to attend specialised courses and training in this advanced study. All these combinations of methods and developing my own approach has really given me the knowledge and drive to provide my students with an understanding of the vocal mechanism, its capabilities and how to ensure that you build a strong and powerful voice that will last for a career and not just one set!


So why should you consider coming to study with me? Well – I know what it’s like when singing is the most important thing in your life. You want to sing all day but just can’t, because you’ve found limitations in your voice that you can’t seem to master, if it hurts too much to sing or you’ve lost your voice, or even if you’ve been studying with another vocal teacher and have found that you may have become stuck in a rut and feel you are not developing anymore. My lessons are about building a voice that’s strong enough for your future, whilst giving you the knowledge, tips and exercises to help keep it in shape when you’ve outgrown lessons and have moved on in your singing career. – A lot of singing teachers only coach you on songs and do not touch on so many important techniques that can help to keep your voice strong and safe. If you really want the best from your voice, or are worried about your vocal health as you move forward in your singing, I have a proven track record and a vast experience in developing strong and powerful voices in any chosen genre, as well as recognising and flagging up vocal problems and helping singers to recover their voices after damage, including those with nodules and polyps.


For the ‘contemporary’ (Pop/Rock/Metal/Folk/Etc) singer out there – the one who may have avoided lessons because they don’t want to get that ‘classical sound’ – Don’t let the technique bit scare you, these techniques are ways of controlling the vocal mechanism, they are used to train singers of all genres, from Pop to even Heavy Metal / Screamo without taking away the sounds that are typical to their style, a good technique doesnt change the style you sing in, just fixes the problems in your voice! – Some of these techniques have lasted centuries for a reason, and with the right guidance your voice and style will only develop in the direction you want it to!


Remember if you want the very best from your voice, looking for a way to get started in the music industry or are experiencing any pain / sore throats / hoarseness when you are singing you really should look into private vocal tuition!


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