About My Lessons

Are you looking to get the best out of your voice? Do you want to improve your voice? whether its range, tone, power, strength or stamina  my lessons are tailored to your individual needs.

People take singing lessons for various reasons, because they love to sing, and want to be the best they can, to improve their confidence and set themselves goals, some are professional singers who are noticing the wear and tear on their voices and know that in order to protect their career and an income they need to learn how to maintain their instrument.

The Important Bits:

  • All levels from beginner to gigging musician are welcome.
  • Lessons are taught in the comfort of your own home or from The Suite Recording Studio in Havant.
  • All lessons are completely tailored to each students needs and will move at their own pace.
  • Singers from all genres welcome, I have experience in most genres ranging from Acoustic to Metal, Classical to Jazz to Musical Theatre – Together we can also choose appropriate repertoire in order to help your voice develop.
  • I can provide vocal session logs to help track your progress and to document main notes and exercises from each session.
  • I provide specially tailored warm up and full workout routines with CD’s, all backing tracks of chosen repertoire for sessions plus additional vocal help and advice alongside lessons.
  • All of my students benefit from discounts from services and packages from North Unit Studios, This includes; recording, photoshoots, videoshoots and artist development .
  • I am available to coach students in studios during their own privately arranged recording time.
  • I can offer half day or full day workshops for organisations and vocal groups in all areas from specialised technique to vocal health
  • Lessons are charged at a competitive hourly rate.

Area’s Taught:

  • All areas of Vocal Technique, Including Breath, Support, Pitching, Range Building, Placement, Projection, Registers, Thick and Thin Fold Technique, Twang, Laryngeal position, Diction, style, performance and much more
  • Vocal Safety / Voice strengthening / Vocal Hygiene
  • Vocal Recovery
  • Artist Development
  • Song Writing
  • Beginner Keyboard / Piano

Gigging regularly? Singing a lot at school or home? Find yourself getting sore throats or sounding croaky? You shouldn’t! Repeated sore throats and croaky voices could be signs of bad technique that could lead to vocal damage, my lessons help you to avoid this, and build a healthy vocal technique whilst doing what you love!

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Anyone Can Learn

I constantly find people worried about asking for lessons, Some feel their voice will just never be trainable, Some worry that I will think they’re awful and will just laugh, Some worry they are not at a high enough standard yet, and some just haven’t built themselves up to sing in front of others yet. Its important to know – I will teach singing and music to anyone who is willing to learn.

As a wonderful teacher once said to me, “If you can speak – you can sing!”

To be honest I have never found a singer I couldn’t offer help to, I work with beginners to pros and always find something each week to teach them! your voice is a very personal thing, its understandable to be embarrassed, For singers who are worried about starting lessons – you need to realise, I’ve probably seen it all before – I’ve worked with singers who struggle with grasping the basics of singing all the way up to those who have had lessons for years, and whether your struggling with your pitch or are working with very advanced techniques I am sure I can help!

So if you have any concerns about starting lessons, drop me a message and we can discuss how to make things a little easier.

Do I Need Singing Lessons?

So You’ve read about me, and my lessons but are singing lessons for you? See if you answer yes to any of these questions:

    • Ever been told you can’t sing?
    • Looking into Singing as a career?
    • Wish you could sing higher / louder / for longer?
    • Experiencing pain, strain or discomfort when singing?
    • Finding your voice giving out easily during singing?
    • Unreliable Voice? – Sometimes you can sing those high notes? Sometimes you can’t?
    • Do you get sore, dry, or croaky throats when singing?
    • Ever been told your voice is “small?” or “too quiet”?
    • Do you lack confidence in your voice?
    • Do you want to improve your general vocal technique?

If you answered yes to any of the above maybe it’s about time you considered vocal tuition with a teacher who specialises in building voices, and promoting a healthy vocal technique to help prevent damage.

Cancellation Policy

Its always the topic I least like to talk about, I know everyone gets unwell at times or has emergencies. But sometimes we know in advance that we might not be able to make a lesson, or sometimes we forget we have booked in. It is because of this I have had to implement a cancellation policy.

As my availability is very limited, I currently have students on a waiting list for certain time slots. Unfortunately there have been times when I have needed to turn people away as I could not fit them in, only to have the student I did book in cancel last minute. I now ask that as much notice is given if you know you cannot make your lesson at any time, as I have students who I would be able to offer the slot out to.

Please Note that 48 Hours notice is required for any cancellations, if we are unable to rearrange the lesson within the week (or fortnight if you have fortnightly lessons) there may be a charge for the lesson. Please contact me ASAP if you need to cancel to discuss further.

I hope you understand that with such limited available lesson times, in order to make sure no one misses out, this is something I ask all of my students. If you have any concerns please contact me.

Gift Certificates / Bulk Lessons : Are valid for 6 months from purchase, Please make sure you contact me asap to arrange bookings.


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