After what has been a real labour of love, I am very excited to announce my Vocal CD’s are now officially ready for you to get your hands on!

The following CDs will are now available;

Daily Essentials: Warm ups & Cool Downs – designed to get you warmed up and ready to sing without stressing the voice – most singers stress out their voices even before they start to sing their rep!

Technical Top Ups: Level One – designed to help you build a stronger, louder more powerful and flexible voice

Vocal SOS: TLC for Tired Voices – for when your voice is feeling stressed, tired or if over done it. This disc is designed to help relax and begin to rehab a damaged or injured voice. Whether you’ve pushed to far at a gig or over sang during a singing session this CD will help you feel more yourself,

All three are available in high, mid or low voice types to make sure you get the most out of your training! For more info click here

£10 each or £25 for all three!!

Order yours now!

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