It’s very easy to get caught up in a routine of singing, pushing too hard, getting sore throats, battling through, finding your voice getting hoarse, sleeping it off and then starting it all again the next day, and yes for a time you can deal with it, you know tomorrow morning it probably will be fine, but eventually it all catches up, the usual one nights recovery will become days, your speaking voice will start to be affected, your tone when singing will weaken and your voice will start cutting out midway through sets – not to mention the pain of a sore throat! 

It’s well known people use far too many muscles that they really don’t need to be using when singing. Singing is just an escalation of speaking, do you push your voice to breaking point when you speak? Of course not! So why do the same when you sing? Of course it takes more effort, more conscious thought, but singing should feel natural not painful! So where do you feel your voice is at? Are you a Voice Pusher? Or Voice Protector?

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