A complete vocal method for contemporary singers

After years of studying, researching and teaching safe and healthy singing techniques to a wide range of singers of all styles I have designed a syllabus for contemporary vocalists who want to develop a voice without limits. My method works with the mind, body, and acoustics to help singers over come their individual vocal problems whilst ensuring they develop a voice which will last them a lifetime and not just one set.

The Contemporary Voice is a new initiative that I have set up in order to help spread a healthy and safe method to those who want to learn more, whether they are Singers, Vocal Coaches, Teachers, Choirs, Schools, Colleges, Studios, or Professional voice users – anyone who wishes to learn more about the functionality of the voice and how to achieve great results are welcome.

The Contemporary Voice Method – For a Voice Without Limits

The voice is individual; your voice is like no others. It is the way it is through genetics, environment, lifestyle, age, accent, previous vocal study and experience. It is because of this no one singers training is like the others. In order to get the best out of each voice, we need to understand the problem areas of the voice, now that could be a vocal health issue or just that the singer doesn’t like the sound they are producing right now. Either way we start at the beginning, for a singer who wants a smooth connected voice, without gear changes or breaks, with a great range, power and emotion with little physical effort we need to understand how things work in order to find the right way.

This method doesn’t promise unrealistic advances in the voice in little to no time. You see those methods telling you that you will be singing like a pro in 6 weeks? it’s just ridiculous. Training takes time, patience, and awareness. With commitment and practice you will have a voice that will last a career and not just one performance. You want quick fixes? the problem with quick fixes is that they do not equal long term benefits. In fact, they usually result in vocal injuries. Sure you will see a rapid improvement at first, everyone does – even by just singing more regularly you will see a drastic improvement! But trust me if you do take the time to fine tune your instrument – you will experience an ease of singing which is like you would have never felt before; an increase in range, tonal quality, volume, strength, power and flexibility all with a voice which doesn’t tire easy and that you know you can rely on.

The building blocks in The Contemporary Voice Method help to break down problem areas in the voice, help the singer to gain an understanding and control of the voice. I work with carefully planned and designed exercises to build co-ordination between the mind and body.  It all begins with an understanding of what correct voicing feels like, to become aware of the body. By utilising vocal exercises, we get down deep into the core of each technique, when singing a line in a song we are focused on lyric and melody, to then add specific requests to the body we are asking too much, the exercises are simple and repetitive which means the full focus can go on exactly what you are telling your body to do. We are building on the co-ordination of mind to muscle – isolating and targeting problem areas which we need to learn to control. In time with practice our body learns to work to our will.

There is no such thing as the perfect voice, as we develop we always move the goal posts. What was once thought out of reach can in time become a basic and natural technique, as we grow so do our aspirations, and I think we would be in a boring world if we didn’t always strive for more. Singing is an art, everyone has their own interpretation to what is beautiful or in fact right. It is because of this that certain styles have not always been looked on favourably, or even as safe, who is to say what is right and what is wrong on an artistic level? The truth is contemporary singing can be both beautiful and ugly depending on its purpose, and it has its need to be. It can be safe, which I have heard on many occasions from more traditional teachers that they believe it cannot.

Unfortunately, in my experience as a singer, a student and a teacher I find there is very little shared information or training available for those who love to sing in their own way. As teachers of any genre we need to understand each vocal style has a different recipe, a different physiological change to maintain a vocal quality or tone. With improper use or lack of understanding of the vocal mechanism any genre of music can be damaging to the vocal health. The greater the understanding of the vocal mechanism – the greater control we will have over our voice!

So in short, if you want to learn how to sing, in your own style, your own way – I can show you how to develop a strong and lasting voice. My Voice Method is developed to provide you with the tools to achieve your own personal goals, a lifelong career and a voice to be proud of.

The Contemporary Voice Method aims at building:

  • Range
  • Balanced Tone
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Flexibility
  • Control
  • Volume
  • Power
  • Projection
  • Style
  • Professionalism

My syllabus covers (But is not limited to:)

The Anatomy –  The ins and outs of the Vocal Mechanism

Posture – How to use posture to improve your sound

Vocal Health / Voice Safety –  how to look after and maintain your voice

Efficient Practice – how to best practice to develop the voice you want

Energy and Foundation – Breath, support, anchoring, building a voice from the ground up

The Source – Pitch, Onset, Cord Closure, subglottic pressure, thick fold / thin fold singing, laryngeal position, mix and much more

The Colour – Placement, resonance, articulation

Genre Specific Singing – learn genre specific techniques

Artistry – Artist development / songwriting / performance / recording / marketing; social media / Websites / Networking

All in the Mind – Building Confidence, Performance Anxiety, Psychology of Singing

Plus so much more!

If you are interested in a vocal method which builds on your existing voice, with an aim to develop a safe and reliable technique get in touch now for one to one lessons, group workshops, for individuals or organisations/schools/colleges/vocal groups

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