Voice Building – Projection & Power - Day Course  


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About Power and Projection

"In Projection and Power we will look at the most effective and safe ways to build strength and depth of tone into the voice. The day will concentrate on essential techniques to allow anyone to build the voice with good cord closure, breath control, supporting/anchoring and various other techniques. We will approach the session with attention to vocal safety and looking at what the voice is capable of and what stamina and strengthening exercises each individual may need in order to sustain their new found bigger voice. it is helpful for you to have attended the Breathing for Singers Course before hand (where we would have done the fundamental preparations for this workshop although not mandatory)"


Have you attended  this course? Did you find it helpful? 

I originally ran this course a November last year, It was very popular so hopefully I will be running this again later on in the year. 

You can register your interest and save your space by heading over to Book My Place.



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