Energy and Foundation - Breathing for Singers - Day Course  


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About Breathing for Singers:

"Breathing is a complex part of singing that even the highest trained singers can sometimes struggle with, In Breathing for Singers we will learn about the how the respiration system affects the sound and overall health of the voice, understand how to gain control of the diaphragm and core muscles for efficient breath control and clarity of voice. Learn valuable muscle memory building exercises to ensure your new breathing style really sticks. We will work with the bodies natural movements to get the most out of our voices in this very practical and hands on session."

Have you attended  this course? Did you find it helpful? 

I originally ran this course a few years ago, Hopefully I will be running this again later on in the year! You can register your interest and save your space by heading over to Book My Place.

How do you feel about breathing technique? is it something which comes natural to you or something which you struggle with?


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